DAY 03: Do what is Unexpected

Want to win hearts ? Then do what is Unexpected !

  1. After taking rickshaw, pay Rs. 5–10 extra, he will smile & not forget you for that day.
  2. Some tension among car owners in traffic (who will move first), Just give a big smile. Chances of getting side will increase by 150%.
  3. Want to make happy your Mom/Wife/Kids ? Tell them that you will be late today & reach 1 hr before your usual time. They will be on cloud 9.
  4. Sometimes play Tota-Maina or Ludo (Indian kids Games). Believe me you will play again and again.
  5. Having Coffee or Dinner outside on normal days ? Just say THANKS with big smile to that person who is other side of counter.
  6. Wave your hand to kids all of sudden, who are going to school.
  7. Don’t want to give money to beggars ? But at least give a respectful smile. They deserve it.
  8. Office politics ? Dont reply on mails just go, meet, discuss & Smile. Same person will start respecting you more.
  9. Situation getting out of control? Stay silent and ignore everything. Matter will be solved.
  10. Want to Enjoy life ? Do what is Unexpected.

Try to make life Straight and Simple like Kids

Don’t try to make it complex just because you are more educated than the kid version of yourself.


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