DAY 04: Tips For Indian Teens

Mark My Words…

When a girl asks for anything like :

  • I am hungry, Kuch khane ke liye le aao na pleeaassseee. ( I’m hungry. Get me something to eat pleaassseee)
  • Main assignment le aana bhool gayi, mere liye assignment koi likh do na pleaassseee ( I forgot my assignment at home. Someone write my assignment for me pleaassseee)
  • Mera yeh kaam kar do na pleaassee, mujhe bahut bore ho raha hai. (Pleaassseee do this work for me. I’m too bored)
  • Main tumhari friend hoon na, mere liye itna nahi kar sakte? ( I’m your friend, wont you do this for my sake? )
  • Ye code debug karne me mera bilkul mann nahi hai. Mere liye kar do pleaaseeee. (I’m in no mood to debug this code. Pleaassseee do it for me)
  • Ye bags pakdo na pleaassee.. mujhse itna weight carry nahi ho pata. (Hold these bags pleaasseee. I cannot carry so much weight)
  • Meri mummy kal subah chaar baze aa rahi hain, unko pick kar lo na pleaasseee. (My mom is coming tomorrow at 4’o clock morning, pick her pleaasseee.
  • I am broke now, buy a ticket of that new movie for me pleaasseee na.
  • Mere phone mein balance nahi hai, recharge kara do na pleaasseee. (I don’t have balance on my phone, recharge it pleaasseee)

or anything similar with extraa eee’s and aa’s in please, trying to get you do the work for her –

Be a Sakht Launda and don’t do it!

Help those who really need help.

PS: Don’t come back here blaming me if you get friend-zoned or Bro-zoned. -_-


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