Never Regret your life.

Most people regret their one or the other choices they made and think about the road not taken. Mostly when people say such a thing, they think that the life is in their control and that only they are responsible for the decision taken. Although its true that one should be responsible for his/her own actions but there are so many parameters that need to be taken into consideration. Our life is dependent on all the events happening in the universe. We should be grateful about each and every day we get to live. In short, our life and our decisions are based on the actions taken not only by us but also by all the events happening in the universe. This can be related to the “Butterfly effect” which states that a flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil can set off a cascade of atmospheric events that, weeks later, spurs the formation of a tornado in Texas. This effect in itself is sufficient to prove that your life is not completely in your hands making it difficult to trace what could have happened to your life if you would have chosen some other path in your life. It could have been for the good or for the bad with equal probabilities.

The grass looks greener on the other side and it is the human nature to strive for what it has not achieved(the greedy sin) and hence decisions should always be taken with an optimistic approach being prepared for the worse. Think about a decision a thousand times, take advice from anybody and everybody but once you take the decision, never ever regret it. You ask why? Because it was never in your hand in the first place but you gave your best to make it right.

You must learn to appreciate yourself.

You must be kind to yourself.

You must learn to understand yourself.

You must believe in yourself.

Now self-confidence which is often said to be key to success comes from self-belief.

Self-Confidence -> Self-Belief -> Self- Appreciation -> Self Understanding -> self-Kindness

We need to look within ourselves and treat ourselves as humans who are worthy of respect and hope. Do not give up on yourself. Get back up. Be brave. Be happy. Appreciate your small achievements.

As Steve jobs has said: You only see the dots connecting in the end.

So live the life at it is to the fullest and make the best use of it.

Stop worrying about things that could have been achieved and really stop regretting your life. Instead wake up and make it happen whatever you desire.


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