Who Are You?

Anjali is a hot and a sexy girl. She is famous in her college.

Kajal is an average looking girl. She is an intelligent girl who always performs extraordinarily in academics. She is classmate of Anjali. She desires to look like Anjali.

Neha is another girl from the same class. She is a fabulous guitar player. But, she never performs well in academics. She desires to score very well in academics like Kajal.

Sonia is an athlete from the same class. She is extremely good at sports. She is even good at academics. But, she wants to play with strings. She desires to be a guitarist like Neha.

Monika is master of words. When she is on stage delivering her speech, all eyes and ears are into her. But she is bit short in height. She desires to look athletic like Sonia.

Though Anjali is a hot and a sexy girl, she is not confident about putting herself properly in front of the crowd. She desires to speak like Monika.

What’s wrong with today’s generation?

Kajal wants to be Anjali. Neha wants to be Kajal. Sonia wants to be Neha. Monika wants to be Sonia. And, Anjali wants to be Monika.

Nobody wants to remain whoever they are.

Whatever you are. Whoever you are. Stay that.

Stay happy being who you are.

Don’t focus on being someone else.

Focus on what you are.

Polish your skills. Master your art. And achieve great heights


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